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Zeitgeist the movie Empty Zeitgeist the movie

Post  cdowg187 on Mon Jul 21, 2008 11:27 am

Okay very interesting movie. Unlike all of the other conspiracy films I've watched on here, this movie tries to be more logical with out the constant use of mathematics or fear tactics in order to get the point across.

It's not just the 9/11 conspiracy, it goes all the way back to judeo christian mythology.

It's not that hard to believe that our entire world isn't run by governments, but rather corporations!

We're so material based that we don't know and don't care about what could happen to us. The fact that people would actually volunteer for a chip that the government would use to track you is just disgusting.

We're so easily lead by fear and superstition that we are willing to give up our god given right to freedom. There's a saying.... Who Watches The Watchmen?! If we put our lives into the hands of ppl who only look at us as numbers and not as human beings we're in for a BIG fuckin problem!

Yet ignorance is bliss and people are afraid to rock the boat. Most of us don't care just as long as we have our cell phones or our cars or our fuckin dildos that sing BYE BYE MISS AMERICAN PIE! lol

If you take out electricity, then all of us are just gonna be lost.

I'm not saying everyone should buy into this 100% but, really think about what they're talking about!

We can't put our faith into ppl who only care about their own wealth.

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Zeitgeist the movie Empty Re: Zeitgeist the movie

Post  CrAzY FuCkIn DaVe on Mon Jul 21, 2008 2:46 pm

I thought it was well presented
I liked it
I mention parts of it to a few ppl from time to time too
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